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Our Top Mission…

is to Attract, Retain, and Grow business in our region.

Foreign Owned Companies in CORE PA

CORE PA Features over 2100 Foreign Owned Companies ranging from manufacturers to service providers in various industries.

Prime Location

The CORE Region of Pennsylvania is strategically located close to major domestic and international markets, many of which are located within a day’s drive of the region.

Superior Infrastructure

An extensive inter-modal transportation system of highways, ports, railroads, and airports easily moves people and goods throughout the CORE Region and into other vital markets.

Larger Than You Think...

With a gross domestic product of more than $600 billion, Pennsylvania is the twenty second largest economy in the world — larger than the nations of Sweden and Norway. Our region also features an abundance of available properties, and a large number of foreign owned firms!

Abundant Energy

The CORE Region features an abundance of energy sources including coal, solar, wind, shale gas and many more!

Educational Opportunities

The Core Region features numerous nationally ranked public schools, top ranked colleges and universities, and world-class trade and technical schools

Quality of Life

The Core Region offers an abundance of diverse cultural opportunities, four-season recreational activities, and picturesque downtown settings.


The Core Region’s workforce is diversified, loyal, and features a superior work ethic with over 112,000 individuals currently employed by foreign owned firms, and over 71,000 employed in various manufacturing sectors alone!

Why Ocean Spray Chose to Locate in the Lehigh Valley

As a result of proactive outreach and assistance from the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation and the Pennsylvania State Government, Ocean Spray located to the Lehigh Valley in April, 2014.  This video features insights from Erich Fritz, Ocean Spray’s VP of Engineering & New Technology, as to why the company chose to locate in the Lehigh Valley, and the competitive advantages that the company has gained as a result. These same competitive advantages are available all across CORE PA! Visit our Available Properties page to find a site that would best suit your needs!