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Who is Core PA?

CORE PA is an initiative focused on creating and retaining jobs in the 53 county Core Region of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania through aggressive marketing to foreign investors and PA companies ready to reshore their manufacturing.Noelle_MadeAgain_shadowThe CORE PA initiative establishes collaborative regional framework to support and enhance an environment that is ripe for reshoring by 1) building well-connected networks of industrial clusters that foster efficiencies, collaboration and innovation between firms along supply chains and value streams; 2) fostering a collaborative environment between manufacturers and colleges and other research institutions that focuses not only on the development of new technologies, but also on product development and process innovation; 3) building a strong pipeline of middle-skilled and highly-skilled manufacturing workers; and 4) enhancing the region’s visibility to potential investors in international and domestic arenas.

The ultimate goal of this program is to increase the visibility of Pennsylvania and the 53 county Core Region of the Commonwealth to potential investors in both the domestic and international arenas, and ultimately bring industry and job growth to our region. 

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CORE PA: 53 Counties Working As One

“Coming together is a BEGINNING. Keeping together is PROGRESS. Working together is SUCCESS.” – Henry Ford

For over 20 years

We have been facilitating Foreign Direct Investment and International Trade

Pennsylvania is a leader in international business development efforts. The state boasts nearly 20 professionals dedicated to trade and investment promotion in the capital, 10 Regional Export Network (REN) offices, 15 Authorized Trade Representatives, and 12 Authorized Investment Representatives strategically located around the globe.  In the last five years, this local, on-the-ground assistance has resulted in over 40,000 jobs, over $3B in documented export sales, over $575M in capital investment!

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