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53 Counties Working as One

53 Counties

50+ Organizations

150+ years of experience

1 Goal, 1 Initiative, 1 Program


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What is CORE PA?

CORE PA Global is an initiative established to increase the visibility of a 53 county footprint of Pennsylvania to international and domestic investors and reshoring prospects.

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The CORE of Pennsylvania boasts abundant and inexpensive utilities, superior infrastructure, a legacy workforce that understands manufacturing, astounding educational opportunities with nationally ranked public schools, top ranked colleges and universities, and world-class trade and technical schools. Our strategic location is close to major domestic and international markets with over 100 million people located within a 500 mile radius. CORE PA is already home to over 2100 foreign owned entities and we are ready to welcome more!

We are proud to be partnering with over 50 economic development organizations, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the Team Pennsylvania Foundation on this project. We are 53 counties working together as one to attract, retain, and grow business and industry in our region.

Watch this short video to learn more about CORE PA and the potential that our region holds for your business!

Optimal Location

CORE PA's location is prime for business growth!

“The CORE Region of Pennsylvania is strategically located close to major domestic and international markets. Over 40% of the United States population and more than 60% of Canada’s population is located within a 500 mile radius of the region.”

CORE PA in the News

There is something new happening in CORE PA every day! Check out the latest news articles and stories featuring CORE PA as a result of sponsored events, familiarization (FAM) tours, trade show participation, and other CORE PA events!

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Pennsylvania: Built to Advance